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Hi there. Thanks for stopping by. I’ve never felt so far, the need to blog. Years ago, during the heydays of blogging craze among my friends, I thought I’d rather scribble in a diary and keep my thoughts private. A lot has changed since then and here I am, in the PensiveTams avatar. Though I am particular about adhering to certain editing standards, to the seasoned blogger, my writings may appear anywhere from coarse to corny. So I need you, my reader to tell me where and how my writings can be bettered, how the rough edges can be polished off to a bearable glow. All my posts (except pictures and the ones about movies) are in the ThoughtPad. Over to you!

My Individual Self

I’m a humanist, hobby photographer, management professional, wannabe entrepreneur (its bearing fruit now), animal lover, a hopeless reader (I like to buy books and stack them but hardly read them cover to cover), car maniac, travel freak, musician, die-hard foodie all rolled into one. Will that make me? Well, partly. I would want to say this about me: “Anointed by Destiny, Blessed by Almighty”. Peace unto you!

Keeping the Faith

A firm believer in destiny, I feel destiny and free-will doesn’t work at cross-purpose as every choice we make as a result of our free-will prepares the individual road-map for our destiny. Hence, destiny can be changed through our prayers, actions and the choices we make in life.

Emotionally Yours

My thoughts, actions and words are ruled more by the heart. Markedly so when it comes to values, issues and concerns that I strongly believe in and occasionally get overwhelmed by it too. At times, it works to my disadvantage because if I don’t feel passionate about something, I cannot hold interest in it for long, even if the situation demands it.

Intrinsic Motivations

Something that always makes me happy is when I am told that I make a good teacher  and I’ve myself felt how gratifying it is, imparting whatever little knowledge I have to others. Of course, that comes with the risk of appearing boastful to some. Why would I care?!

Bloody Affairs

My familial orientation is distinct and in my scheme of things, nothing commands as much importance as family and relations. As the saying goes: “Blood is thicker than water”. No note about me would be complete without a mention of my father, who shaped my thinking and guided my actions, along with my mother from whom I imbibed my groundings in religious faith and social intelligence. Almost all my profound interests and preferences can be traced back to my brother, who from time to time introduced me to everything good, from MLTR and Photoshop to bullet-bikes and good driving skills! I didn’t have to look elsewhere. Thank goodness for siblings! I once remarked to a friend who’s a single child and was apparently proud and happy about it: “Bro, you have absolutely no idea what you’re missing”.

Wonder Years

Like most among us, I too had a memorable and beautiful childhood. I grew up in a relatively less affluent neighborhood where the current opulence of glass lifts, granite-laid lobbies and ‘second cars’ were missing. Life was simple and austere, and there was so much of love, understanding, contentment and co-operation among neighbors. The place housed around a hundred odd or more homes and you could knock at the door of any of the houses in the row, with an empty tumbler and loan some sugar, curd or tea-leaves if you ran out of the same, or quickly borrow a spanner or a screw-driver to mend the squeaky bicycle. While the ladies updated themselves on the latest of grape-wine, children of all ages would meet up and play in a park in the center of the houses, would help each other with lessons if required and the usual house-visits for “stamp-exchange” and latest video cassettes also would continue. Now everything is limited to a plastic grin and a ‘Hi’ when people accidentally bump into each other in elevators and car-parking lots. Me ain’t complaining, but just trying to draw the differences. The irony is, the places are geographically apart only by a few hundred meters, both located in what can be called the heart of the city.

Return Gifts

Regarding my individual social responsibility, I try to make a difference, operating within the limits of my modest ability, by contributing to calls for help in terms of money for medical treatment (which includes accessories like wheel-chair or walker), money for educational needs, food for the orphans and clothing for the have-nots. I didn’t mean to be self-applauding here but I want is to let you know this much, so that willing souls among you would join me in my small but significant endeavors to help the needy. Most people, I believe, want to do something, but don’t know how and when.

Partners in Crime

If I were ever to get lost in the journey called life, then I would wish all roads led back to my friends. They are the perfect embodiment of a support system for my life. The limitless measure of happiness and my process of self-discovery would’ve been short in supply and stunted respectively, had it not been for my beautiful, brash, humorous, argumentative, loving, admonishing, verbose, insane, fascinating…(phew!! cold water please) friends. While attending a buddy’s wedding recently, I was introduced by him to the bride as his “swimming pool mate”. I was amused for a moment, but yeah, he was right. We had met up in the pool. So classmates, bench-mates, tuition-mates, trip-mates, mosque-mates, college-mates, swimming pool-mates, roommates, flatmates, apartment-mates, work-mates, Fb mates, blog-mates and everyone else who doesn’t fall into any of these…You are indispensable! So much for now, signing off with love,

September 01, 2011.


Comments on: "Home" (32)

  1. hey! Thank you for following my blog and for sharing your thoughts. Stay connected and I loved your introduction page. Straight from the heart.I will be back to read more. Till then, stay connected and keep inspiring!

  2. Thanks for ur recent comments and I completely understand that my blog is a little girlie to hang around often… my husband says so too… But the good thing is, I cater to 49% of the world audience. women 🙂

    Have a good weekend!

  3. you write very well 🙂

  4. I think your writing is best when it is what you want to say, and not what others want to hear. I like your writing overall and think you should keep your voice unaltered. Thanks for visiting friend, and consider the cyber-stalking returned. 🙂

  5. Nice…I enjoyed reading your posts. Cool blog overall!

  6. Hey, nice bog… well written, havent read through much though.. but will be back soon…:)

  7. This is a fantastic place to stop by, Tams. And I would like to do so often.

    PS: What do you do with so many vehicles?!

    • Thank you so much Priya. Please do visit often. I love to check my ‘dashboard’ for comments. So looking forward to more from you.
      About the vehicles, they usually happen to me one at a time. Or maybe two at a time, to stretch it a bit. So there’s never a thought about what do I do with ‘So many’ of them!!

  8. Nice. Never knew there was so much in you.Listening…..

  9. Pooj Daniel said:

    I am not much of a blog enthusiast but ur blog did manage to make me read throughl!! very impressive! good on u and continue ur blog..!! u sure have a fan in me;-)

  10. Tina Sequeira said:

    Neat and impressive blog, Thamim. You have a flair for words and your blogs are very absorbing. Enjoyed reading them……facts, opinions, anecdotes alongside a whole dose of humor. I hope you continue this in the same passion you started off with. You must … you have a talent there. God Bless 🙂

  11. Thamim my dear brother…kodu kai ! If I were there I would have literally given you that hand shake. I love love the template…the color, the picture, the whole look. I love it that its not impromptu stuff , done up in 2 mins, just as you were thinking them out,instead you have thought it out and presented it well. I like the ‘About me’ section, would have changed a lil about the charity part myself, but thats just me. Then I read the A la carte part with shamim asking for lunch standing right behind me (he still is on teh bed behind me, and is yet to have lunch ,so forgive the typos. just noting down what I felt in the first glance )and it so felt like listening to you talk, soooo you :D. Like what did I expect eh ? Glad you sent me the link. Will read in detail the rest after lunch with the hungry clan and will bug you with more insights from pothuval neema ;). Hope all’s well otherwise.

  12. the best blog i have ever seen…. i am not surprised because its done by YOU..

  13. Thanks so much Nisha, Nareshu & Rahmana..Keep coming back..:)

  14. heyy good start..keep that on

  15. I’ve always wondered the why? Good you’ve started… I guess you’ll have larger things to share & contibute.
    Welcome, board, Bro 🙂

  16. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging….wishing you all the fun at Pensive Tams…will be visiting often 🙂

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